Hunting Is Easier With the Right Tool

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If you're a hunter, you need a high-quality shotgun to be successful. You can find what you're looking for at Sparks Gun Works LLC in Longview, TX. Our gun store has shotguns for sale available from top brands.

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Take care of your shotgun properly

After purchasing your shotgun from us, you want to make sure you take care of it for the best results. Cleaning your shotgun will help increase the life span of your weapon.

To clean your gun properly, you should:

  • Unload the shotgun of any ammunition
  • Use a professional cleaning tool to remove loose particles
  • Apply lubricant to bearing surfaces
  • Wipe down each part until it's dry
  • Reassemble your shotgun

Make sure you check for any irregularities with your piece before its next use. If you have questions about the cleaning process, you can ask any team members at our gun store.