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We're got high-quality firearms for sale at our gun shop in Longview, TX

Looking for a new rifle for a hunting trip? In the market for a new pistol or shotgun? Turn to Sparks Gun Works LLC today. Our Longview, TX gun shop has a wide variety of firearms for sale, common ammunition and firearm accessories. We always keep our prices low and customer service high so you're at your happiest.

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We're a family owned and operated company with over 5 years of experience in the gun industry. Our family wants to give you and your family the best quality guns, ammo and accessories without breaking the bank. Contact our store today to discuss firearms, ammunition or gun accessories with a team that always puts your needs first.

We've got the weaponry you want

Our gun shop has many different firearms for sale, plus accessories and ammunition. That means:

  • High-quality handguns for sale
  • Top-brands of rifles for sale
  • Useful gun accessories
  • Common gun ammunitions

We regularly have the best prices at Fort Worth gun shows and regular discounts - like our buy one gun, get 5% off ammo special. Call 903-918-0762 for more information on the guns, ammo and accessories we sell.